Thora Kerr Illing Thora Kerr Illing is a former journalist and librarian. She immigrated to Canada as a young woman and fell in love with the space, the fjords, and the forests of the west. Now retired, she lives in Sidney, BC, and loves travel, books, nature and animals.

Writer's Digest

. . . a literate, impressively researched world that the narrator conjures up, a little bit like Jane Austen transported to the cold north of the new world.

The Midwest Book Review

Trying to find love when life twists, ADELE is a fine pick for fans of romance in history, very much recommended reading.

Great Historicals

The novel is authentic, well-written, and accurately researched, with real secondary characters, and political experiences of the time. I continued reading it with interest to the very end because Adele was such an intriguing heroine.


Thora Illing writes with clarity and style. Her characters are believable and well-drawn.


Adèle: A Wilderness Bride. A Story of New France

Review by AngloStore manageress, Susan Stewart. This book appeared on our door step in June, sent to us from the author’s home in Victoria, Britis

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Adele: Wilderness Bride – a novel of New France

In the 1660s, when illegitimate orphan Adele Dupuy leaves for New France aboard a ship of similarly-disadvantaged young women, she is known as une

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Adéle: Wilderness Bride, a Story of New France by Thora Kerr Illing

Review by KS Schmitt Marie Lacoste Gerin Lajoie

Adele is a young French woman, the illegitimate child of a nobleman who has seen to her

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